The Selden Society is the only learned society and publisher devoted entirely to English legal history.

This includes the history of the law, the development of legal ideas, the legal profession, the courts and legal institutions, individual judges and lawyers, legal literature and records; in short, researching the history of everything which is characteristic of our unique English common law and legal system.

The Selden Society and the Inns of Court have joined forces to establish a Selden Society Annual Inns of Court Lecture open to scholars, members and students of the Inns and the general public to show the relevance of a wider understanding of Legal History. The first lecture, hosted online in October by the Inner Temple, was delivered  by Professor Jay Tidmarsh, of Notre Dame Law School on the subject of ‘The Fire Courts: Successfully Delivering Justice in a Time of Plague and Fire’.  The lecture can be viewed at the Inner Temple’s website.

Professor Tidmarsh can also be heard on Tuesday 24 November 2020 speaking on BBC Radio 4’s The Long View.

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